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IBuilt stock a full range of CD and DD grade plywood in 2.4m, 2.7m and 3.0m long lengths. Included in the ply range is StrongPly14™ and FloorPly14™ structural ply which is New Zealand's strongest rated pine plywood and 3.0m long 12mm CD F8 - both exclusive to IBuilt. Applications include flooring, roofing, membrane substrates, internal linings and structural bracing.

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Chain of custody

IBuilt's range of structural plywood hold chain of custody certification. This can either be FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) or PEFC™ (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification™).

Both FSC® and PEFC™ (PEFC/40-31-20) promote a chain of custody system that tracks the wood from source to the final product, ensuring that the wood fibre contained in the finished product originates from sustainably managed forests.

For a product to qualify for FSC® or PEFC™ Chain of Custody accreditation, all entities along the supply chain must possess Chain of Custody certification for each program and undergo regular audits.


IBuilt's plywood range is available in the following options:

H3.2 CCA - Treated plywood is impregnated to H3.2 CCA (Copper Chrome Arsenic) hazard class treatment to AS/NZS 1604;1:2021 (Specification for preservative treatment). H3.2 CCA treatment leaves a green appearance to the ply sheet. CCA treated plywood is available in all thicknesses.

H3.2 MCA - Micronised Copper Azole treated timber is a non-arsenic based treatment that is considered a more environmentally friendly option over CCA. MCA treated plywood is available in 7mm, 9mm and 12mm.

H3.1 LOSP - Light Organic Solvent Preservative is a green or clear solvent based treatment. Solvent based preservatives can emit a strong odour, ensure the area is well ventilated while the solvent levels reduce during construction.

LOSP based treatment (or H3.1) is available on request only and is subject to terms and conditions.

Note: When using treated plywood it is good practise to re-treat cut ends with a brush on preservative such as Metalex. Do not use untreated plywood in weather exposed locations.

The image below is an example of the stamp used to show the structural plywood treatment details.

H3.2 CCA treatment stamp example

Glue bond

Structural plywood utilises a Phenolic Formaldehyde Type A exterior grade adhesive that provides a permanent bond between each veneer once cured. All IBuilt plywood achieves an 'E0' emission rating (less than 0.3mg/l) which is the lowest emission class rating that can be achieved.

Weather checking

When smooth faced plywood is used externally, weather cycling causes the face to shrink and swell over time this causes splits in the face veneer called weather checking. While initially an aesthetic issue only, it can eventually cause the face to breakdown and affect durability.

IBuilt recommends CoreClad plywood for cladding applications. CoreClad has a textured face, which when painted protects the sheets from weather checking. Refer to CoreClad.

Substrate use

Structural ply can be used as a substrate for permanent weather barrier systems such as roofing shingles, tiles, and under membrane systems. A minimum C grade face is recommended for roof and deck membrane systems. Membrane adhesives are generally not compatible with LOSP based treatments. Refer to the membrane system treatment requirements.

Construction exposure

Plywood can withstand normal weather exposure for up to 3 months during construction. If plywood is intended to be left exposed, it is recommended that it is protected during construction to minimise any staining or weathering. Where excessive wetting has occurred, all timber should be allowed to return to normal moisture content levels (18%) before being closed in.

Limitations of use

Untreated plywood must not be used externally or in high moisture areas. H3 treated plywood must not be in contact with the ground. It is not recommended to use smooth face plywood as a cladding - refer to IBuilt CoreClad which is manufactured with a textured face veneer specifically for exterior use. Ensure only compatible materials/fixings are in direct contact with CCA treated plywood.

Handling and storage

IBuilt ply should be delivered dry and undamaged from freight and handling. All panels should be inspected upon the delivery. Ply should be lifted off the truck by hoist or hand.

Stack panels horizontally, dry and 100mm clear off the ground and supported on dry, clean timber bearers at a maximum of 900 mm centres and at both ends of the panels.

Keep ply panels dry at all times, either by storing within an enclosed building or use an additional weatherproof cover as a secondary to packaging wrap if stored outside. Ensure that there is sufficient air flow to avoid condensation. Avoid storing over standing water or vegetation.

Health and Safety

When machining plywood always wear safety glasses, and if wood dust exposure is not controlled, wear a class P1 respirator. To avoid skin irritation and the risk of splinters, wear comfortable work gloves. Wash hands with mild soap and water after handling panels.

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