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CoreClad textured, ACQ treated plywood cladding offers superior strength, durability and reliability.  With sheets up to 3 metres long and no requirement to retreat cut ends, CoreClad is fast and easy to install.

Plywood veneer is peeled from the log on a rotary lathe, dried, treated then manufactured into plywood by placing veneers in a perpendicular orientation. Sheets are bonded with a permanent phenolic resin which is commonly referred to as a Type 'A' structural bond. The bond will not breakdown under heat, wet or cold conditions. The resulting sheets are then machined, rough sawn, grooved and shiplapped to form the finished cladding sheet.

CoreClad has a 'pass™' (Product Assurance Supplier Statement). A pass™ makes a clear, rigorous statement that CoreClad complies with all the necessary regulations and legislation. It also summarises CoreClad's purpose, the scope of its use and any limitations.

Key Features:

  • Individual veneer treatment before manufacture ensures treatment to the core.
  • Cut edges do not need to be re-treated
  • Available in 2,440mm, 2,745mm and 3,050mm long sheets*
  • Band sawn face for a rough textured finish
  • Supplied textured Grooved 150 and Textured
  • Manufactured from high strength plantation pine (F14)
  • Manufactured to AS/NZS2269:2004 and third party certified by the EWPAA
  • Meets the Durability requirements of the NZBC for claddings
  • Install to E2/AS1 NZBC

    Stainless Steel Flashings

    We’re now supplying a range of 304 and 316 grade stainless steel flashings to make things easier for customers using CoreClad. Since CoreClad is ACQ treated you need to use either PVC or stainless steel flashings. This is to minimise the possibility of bi-metallic corrosion.  Refer to the Stainless Steel Flashings Flyer below.

    * A scarf joint is used to joint 2440mm long sheets with either a 300 or 600mm extension to produce 2,745mm or 3,050mm length sheets.The scarf joint has a visible dark line going across the panel and the two sections may have colour differences.
  • Design Files & Information:

    I-Built products are available on order from all major building supply outlets throughout New Zealand. Samples are available on request.

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