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Case Studies | Rakaia Gorge Re-deck

The Rakaia Gorge Bridge in Canterbury needed an upgrade because of its poor condition and continuous maintenance. PNGFP's NiuDeck from PNG Forest Products was the solution for its strength, lightweight and proven track record as a road decking system.

Constructed between 1880 and 1882, the Rakaia Gorge Bridge is a wrought iron, 55m long single span, single vehicle lane, mid-Canterbury bridge important in the local road network asset because it facilitates access to the surrounding farms and towns, as well as Mount Hutt ski field. Its deck truss has a unique design in relation to any other New Zealand bridge, and this dynamic looking bridge's design and construction involved several of the country's high profile late 19th century Public Works Department (PWD) engineers. (IPENZ)

PNGFP become involved in a project in early 2016 to upgrade the running deck of the bridge due to the poor condition and resultant continual maintenance of the original timber plank design.

After exhaustive design consultation with Opus, project consulting engineers, PNGFP's NiuDeck was selected due to its strength, light weight, flexibility and proven track record as a road decking system.

NiuBridge is a comprehensive bridge building system that provides the most reliable and cost effective solution for refurbishment of existing structures as well as new bridge construction for spans up to 24m.

The expertly designed and engineered prefabricated modular bridge system includes deck, girders, kerbing and accessories with an optional pre-applied bitumen deckwearing surface. NiuBridge exploits the advantages of natural timber which is not subject to rust or fatigue failure like other materials.

Manufactured from 100% sustainable plantation pine NiuDeck utilized the veneer preservation treatment method to ensure complete protection from termites and fungal decay (rotting).

For more product information on PNGFP's Modular bridges click here: https://www.pngfp.com/niubridge.html