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Product Overview:

Known as the original engineered and glue laminated hardwood beam, Hyne Beam 21C has a superb record for strength and performance. Engineers have found Hyne Beam 21 can often replace steel, even when high loads need to be supported. Its hard wood makes it a popular choice for Architects and Designers who use it where support structures also need to be aesthetically pleasing.

65mm x

120, 155, 185, 215, 245, 280, 300, 315, 350, 380, 410mm.

85mm x
155, 185, 215, 245, 280, 300, 315, 350, 380, 410, 445, 475, 505, 535, 570, 600mm.

Manufactured by Hyne Timber

160 Kent Street Maryborough QLD 4650 PO Box 106


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