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Case Studies | New Auckland childcare facility currently under construction

Hyne 17C Glulam from IBuilt - The strongest pine laminated beam available. Its unique properties make it easy for designers and engineers to specify. Being timber, it also allows for simple structural connections. Hyne 17C Glulam is readily available from our Auckland warehouse.

In this new Auckland childcare facility currently under construction, Hyne 17C visual grade Glulam was designed and engineered by Phil Smith (Collingridge and Smith Architects) and Markplan Engineers for the complex dia-grid roof structure.

The longest members being almost 13m, IBUILT were able to facilitate the supply of the visual grade beams from Australia. They were then shipped to the Techlam fabrication team so the complex junction work could be carried out making assembly on site as simple as possible. The result is a stunning and bold roof structure which will eventually form a living green roof allowing it to blend into the surrounding landscape.