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News | Introducing MCA H3.2 Treated Plywood

We’ve just added a new product to our range – MCA H3.2 Treated Plywood.

MCA – Micronized Copper Azole – is manufactured by Koppers, and is marketed as MicroPro. It’s used all over the world to treat timber products.

MCA H3.2 has the same protection as CCA H3.2 product and is a light brown colour. Because the treatment process does not include arsenic or chrome, MCA H3.2 can be used in direct contact with aluminium.

Meets NZ Standards:

•NZS 3640: Chemical preservation of round and sawn timber

•AS/NZS 1604: Specification for preservative treatment part 3: Plywood

Get in touch to find out more about MCA H3.2 – or any of our other products.

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