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Case Studies | Wave Construction

When Phil Mouldey set out to build four townhouses on the beautiful Papamoa coastline, he decided they needed to be something special.

Built by his company Wave Construction, the house plans had two storeys, and the midfloor was something Phil was anxious to get right. It needed to be quick to erect, reliable, stable and quiet so the new owners would feel like they were walking on a solid floor.

The I-Built system that incorporates the Hyne product range from New Zealand Wood Products (NZWOOD) was the answer.

Phil was delivered his specially-designed Hyne floors in a kit-set form along with a colour-coded plan. All the components were included: “I” beams, structural beams, boundary joists, flooring material, hangers, nails, and even the screws and glue. It was a fast, simple task to put the floors together and Phil was blown away by the experience.

Phil says “I work on my own most times, and I am amazed each time I use the Hyne systems, how the products are accurate and consistent. I love how light the “I” beams are, allowing for a quick and more accurate build.”

Phil is so happy with the I-Built system, he used it in the construction of his own home mid last year, with the subfloor, mid-floor and roof system all designed using Hyne products.


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