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Case Studies | Kingaroy Crematorium

Hyne building materials like those supplied by NZWOOD were used in this sensitive project. The task was to create a building that would be highly functional, while still feeling personal. It also had to be flexible, so that different parts of the building could be used when needed.

For the building’s columns, Hyne Beam 17 pine beams were doubled, blocked, plated and bolted, with just a single rafter beam fitted between. Hyne Beams was also used as window and door headers, and as lintels between wide portal-bay spacings. This allowed for large, wide, high and well-ventilated spaces to be created in the building.

The building also needed to be as sustainable as possible and with a unique appearance. The design team used materials like corrugated iron and Hyne timber to complement the beautiful surrounding environment. The crematorium fits naturally into the space thanks to the quality of the Hyne building materials used, and provides a unique Australian atmosphere for the building’s sensitive use.

For more on the Hyne products used in this unique project, call NZWOOD on 09-276 7030.


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