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Case Studies | ​IBuilt Ultim8 Decking - better than the real thing

Want decking that looks and feels like hardwood, but never needs oiling or staining, and withstands even the harshest NZ sun and weather? Now there's IBuilt Ulitmat8 composite decking, made from plantation-grown bamboo and recycled waste plastic (HDPE). It is a composite deck that cuts, drills and screws just like a hardwood timber deck.

You can maintain the sanded-finish natural look by removing any scuffs or marks with coarse sandpaper, and the decking will keep its colour for at least 15 years. A bonus is IBuilt Decking's slip resistance - a perfect health and safety choice for commercial enterprises.

The sanded finish provides an appealing natural look and makes heavy scuffs and marks simple to remove using heavy grit sandpaper. ULTIM8 Decking has excellent slip resistance making it perfect for commercial applications. IBuilt ULTIM8 Decking will retain its original colour for a minimum of 15 years. It is available in weathered grey.