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Case Studies | I-Built Product Profile: Hyne 17C Garage Door Lintels

I-Built 295 x 85 17C Glulam Lintels for 5.4m Double Garage doors

The I-Built Building System by New Zealand Wood Products utilises Hyne 17C Glulam beams, designed for high-load, long-spanning double garage door lintels.  I-Built has introduced an easy to- specify lintel design with HD Software certification that will cover all single storey 5.4m wide double garage door lintels for supporting light roofs, Roof loads up to 3.6m, for roof pitches up to 35° and for all wind zones.
The 295 x 85 pre-cambered17C is the strongest and most popular timber profile when it comes to structural lintels over wide double garage door openings. 

Click here to download the I-Built Garage Door Lintels Flyer under Technical Information.