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Case Studies | Brisbane City Council

Hyne are some of NZWOOD’s most popular and versatile building materials - the builders of Brisbane’s newest aquatic centres agree.

The design brief for the three new public pools in Brisbane called for environmentally sustainable products to be used wherever possible. Hyne building materials fit the bill perfectly. Hyne deep section laminated timber beams were used as a way to provide an efficient and low maintenance structural system that spanned the indoor pools.

For the first two projects, the building team used internal steel plated connections that required deep mortices to be cut into the Hyne beams on-site, before they were erected and bolted into place. For the final project, a less labour-intensive dowelled and socketed connection method was used on the hardwearing Hyne timber.

Contact NZWOOD today for more information on the high-quality and long-lasting Hyne laminated timber 17C beams and columns used in these striking aquatic centres. Call the team now on 09-276 7030. 


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