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Product Overview:

Black Stallion Trailer Decking

This high-density phenolic (HDP) overlay plywood has been developed for trailer decking.

Veneers of eucalyptus are laminated together with a poplar face and back to form a strong and stiff ply. The top face has a layer of phenolic overlay with a mesh pattern which gives the plywood a hard, impact and wear resistant surface, with grip properties. The back face has a smooth finish overlay which minimises moisture and road grime from sticking to the bottom of the trailer. The edges are protected with a 4-coat paint system.

The high-density phenolic overlay is reasonably UV resistant, but the colour may fade under harsh sunlight.


Always use a sharp saw blade to avoid any rough edges and always cut face side up.

Black Stallion Trailer Decking plywood is not treated and relies on its HDP overlay coating to give protection from moisture. Any cut or machined edge on the plywood will need to be sealed with at least two coats of protective acrylic paint to minimise moisture ingress.

It is recommended to screw down the decking to the trailer frame with the head of the screws flush with the ply. It is possible to countersink the screw head without breaking the surface of the overlay.

You can also rivet the sheets down; however, the rivet head will slightly protrude and can possibly catch as things slide over the deck of the trailer.

If the fastener does break the overlay surface, cover the fastener head with a dab of paint.

Allow for a 3mm expansion gap between sheets and trailer framing.


If the HDP overlay is damaged, it is recommended to paint the area with two coats of protective acrylic paint to minimise moisture ingress.


2440 x 1220 x 12mm2440 x 1220x 17mm



Eucalyptus 5 plies

Poplar 2 plies

Eucalyptus 9 plies

Poplar 2 plies

Weight20 kg/sheet29.5kg/sheet
Film GSM180g/m2180g/m2
Edge Seal4 Coats4 Coats
Thickness Tolerance+/-0.5mm+/-0.5mm

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