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I-Built Design & Layout Service

Example of an I-Built Design and Layout package:

Contact our Technical Team today: design@nzwoodproducts.co.nz

When designing your next Mid-floor or Rafter systems, contact our Technical team to organise an I-Built™ Midfloor Design and Layout take off service. This is a service provided at no extra cost.

Accurate Take Off: Our layout and take-off service ensures all members including flooring, joists, rafters, structural floor beams, perimeter rimboard, hangers and fixings are designed and accounted for.

Fast Turn Around: After receipt of all required plans and information your layout will be completed by one of our experienced designers then sent back for your approval.

Premium Package: When combined with the HD7 Design Software, I-Built™ Layouts provide assurance you are receiving a premium engineered flooring and roofing package all from one supplier.

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