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I-Built's Deck 350 formwork plywood is a 100% unique Birch Ply for use as a slab formwork. The unique marking grid is spaced 25mm apart which facilitates the markup and cutting on construction sites, reducing builder's labour efforts.

The edges are coated with a special waterproof acrylic paint, providing a higher protection level against moisture. This robust board is made out of 100% birch plywood. The surface is smooth and coated with a wear resistant film made in Germany (350 cycles in the Taber test).

The film is highly resistant to concrete pressure.

Also available is F14 Birch Ply with Grip Deck overlay. This has high abrasion resistance so it is best used where high wear resistance and good antislip properties are required.

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The I-Built Building Systems range is available on order from all major building supply outlets throughout New Zealand. Please feel free to contact us for more information, or share this page with your design & construction team.

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