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Case Studies | I-Built Hyne Beam 21 Makes a Bold Design Statement

With unique strength and a rich textured appearance, I-Built Hyne Beam 2C1 glulam can truly define an internal or external space. Produced from iconic Queensland hardwood, engineers can substitute steel with Beam 21 in high-load applications.

Hyne 21C is a glulam made by selecting multiple timber sections and meticulously arranging lengths to be glued and bonded together. This strong yet cost effective structural medium can also be created into curves. A beam can be turned into an arch and an open box into an atrium. Whatever you’re aspiring for we’re here to help you achieve your creative and engineering goals.

Its’ intricate structure is surprisingly efficient and makes light work of long spans and critical loads, while leveraging the natural aesthetic of wood. Its’ benefits don’t stop there, Glulam has superior thermal, acoustic and corrosion-resistance values, which make it ideal for portal frame structures, including halls and aquatic sporting facilities.

Manufactured to comply with AS/NZS 1328.1:1988 Manufactured under ISO9001 Accredited Systems.

Chain of Custody as per AS 4707-2008 PEFC / AFS